Remote Learning Guidelines

Guidelines for Video Calls and Online Responses

  • Clothing - Follow school dress code. If you wouldn't wear it at school, don't wear it for a video call or message.

  • Space - If you can, find a quiet, comfortable, common place to video chat or record.

  • When you post comments, questions, or responses, make sure they are relevant to the discussion.

  • Be open to learning and acting in new and different ways. Support the learning community in this time of change.

In addition to the above, these are the norms for Google Meet.

  • Treat this like a classroom discussion. Be careful not to talk over each other. Focus on listening to each other and connecting.

  • Mute your microphone when you aren't speaking. You can mute or un-mute yourself.

  • You may turn off your webcam (video camera) if you choose. You’ll still be able to hear the conversation and talk when it’s your turn.

  • The teacher may record the session for sharing with other classmates (Recordings will be posted in online classrooms, not publicly).

Google Meet Rules